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I have received an overwhelming amount of mails and facebook messages the last years but rarely had the time to answer all of them because of my busy production schedule.

I saw the wish for information about Enigma, Sandra, Olive, Andru Donalds and other projects and came up with this member's area idea. If you all contribute a small monthly amount it would allow me to spend more time for answering wishes, questions and collect material.

I will release an exclusive video clip every 2 weeks talking about my years with Enigma, Sandra, showing backstage videos of our live shows or document other interesting US projects i'm working on such as X-Factor, see a 5 min. pilot episode here.

There will be exclusive unreleased songs only for members.
I will be available for live chat at announced hours once a week.
You can submit wishes for what you want me to do or talk about in new york or on tour.

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